Werner Chr. Schmidt
Mouthpieces & Brass instrument making

Overview of instrument making in W. C. Schmidt’s master manufacture

B-Trompete Brass lineAll sorts of brass instruments, from student instruments right through to individually tailored top-quality instruments for professional musicians are crafted here with unmistakable quality. Only materials of German origin and of the highest, long-lasting quality are used in the manufacture of bell joints and valve mechanisms.

Many years of skilled craftsmanship and close collaboration with innovative brass players and musicians have resulted in the production of high-quality brass instruments. In 2009, Bernhard W. Schmidt, whose family business continues into its 7th generation, celebrated his 20th anniversary as a successful, independent master craftsman of wind instruments.

In addition to manufacturing new instruments, including special models, Bernhard W. Schmidt also carries out restoration and repair work. In his workshop, you can seek expert advice on all instrument-related queries, for example those relating to tuning, response and intonation, as well as products with an excellent price/performance ratio.

In a nutshell: service to match the quality and durability of the instruments. Quality to last a lifetime!